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GOLD Kicks Off 5th Year

There are exciting new things in the works for Girls Only Leadership Development. We are implementing a new peer mentoring component that enables girls who were in the program the previous year to continue as peer mentors in the current year.The peer mentors provide a support system for the girls as they enter high school. We anticipate that the mentors will continue to bond, build connections, and strengthen networks that began in the previous year.

Another aspect we are trying out this year is transitioning from biweekly to every week by including optional, additional sessions and outings to further enrich the program. There are so many important and necessary topics that cannot be covered with just biweekly sessions this will be a good way to both expand the curriculum and keep the girls continually engaged. This year’s GOLD curriculum includes sessions: gender stereotyping, race and racism, internet safety, self defense, and media literacy, to name a few. We plan to work with wonderful area organizations such as the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, Cambridge Police Department, and the Woman and Public Policy Program at Harvard University among others. There are many wonderful things in store for GOLD this year, stay tuned!